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Tourism Tracer

Dietmar Kahles About

Tourism Tracer is the largest project of its type in the world, both spatially and temporally. It is one of the most innovative and extensive research projects ever conducted into tourist travel. The Tourist Tracking Project began its life in 2016 as the Sense-T Sensing Tourist Travel study and received invaluable support from Sense-T during its early evolution.

Using smartphones and an app, we have gathered unprecedented insights into where groups of visitors go, how they move around, and what influences their decisions.For the first time, we have the ability to track how travel patterns differ according to age, home country, length of stay, reason for travel, etc. We can see detailed information on how long someone stands at a lookout, walks through a national park or browses an art gallery.There is significant value and impact to be had for government, industry and community as a result of this unique initiative.

The Project began in January 2016 and is continuing to track the precise movements of visitors to Tasmania as they travel around the state.Tourists are approached at Hobart and Launceston Airports and on board the Spirit of Tasmania to take part in the study. Visitors who are in the state from four to 14 days are eligible to take part.

Participating tourists are handed smart phones which record accurate, real-time data of their travel patterns via a purpose built app relaying GPS location information. The app also generates pop-up surveys to capture the personal insights of participants.

“This research is the largest study of its type ever to be conducted, both in terms of the length of time we are tracking tourists and also in terms of our study’s focus on an entire island… We can determine who goes to specific regions, how long they stop and what infrastructure they are using.” Dr Anne Hardy, Project Lead.

Led by researchers from the University of Tasmania, an international multi-disciplinary research team has been assembled for this innovative project, including specialists in GIS tracking and analysis, digital media marketing and decision-making, governance and evaluation, digital media use and economic valuation.

The Project proposal was designed in conjunction with the Department of State Growth , air jordan retro 12 history books
(TICT), and Federal Group Tasmania , and a wider range of industry stakeholders contributed to the Project’s design.


For more information, including descriptions of the specific changes, please see these resources.

Tutorial: How to Use the ACCME Performance-in-Practice Structured Abstract

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News Release: Accreditation Council for CME Prohibits Commercial Interest Logos in Disclosure of Commercial Support

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: A PDF compilation of the ACCME accreditation requirements

Ask ACCME QA about Simplification

Ask ACCME QA about Commercial Interest Logos

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Implementation of Changes

The changes became effective immediately after they were announced (in Feburary and April 2014).

Accredited Providers: What This Means for You

Regardless of where you are in the accreditation process, you will no longer be evaluated for compliance with any requirements that have been eliminated.

For more information, please see this Ask ACCME QA .

Resources for the Accreditation Process

The following accreditation materials have been updated to reflect the simplification changes. Please note that you do not need to resubmit any accreditation materials or change any materials that you are preparing. The ACCME will ensure that you will not be reviewed for any requirements that have been eliminated.

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Guide to the Process for ACCME Initial Accreditation

Outline for the Self-Study Report for ACCME Initial Accreditation

Guide to the Process for ACCME Reaccreditation

Outline for the Self-Study Report for ACCME Reaccreditation

Kindergarten Pre-registration September 2018 “for families in our school zone with offer letters from district 2 enrollment.”

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Did you know our 8th graders extract DNA from strawberries in science?

The main purpose of our DNA extraction lab was to help students bring their abstract knowledge pertaining to the structure and function of DNA to life.Prior to this investigation, our 8 th grade scientists had learned about the double-helix structure of DNA, the function of the various components that make up this complex molecule and how DNA is used during protein synthesis and other life processes. Two common misconceptions many students harbor pertaining to DNA is that it is absent from many of the foods they consume on a daily basis and that when extracted, it will look like the twisted ladder they had seen in their textbooks.

In order to help students deconstruct these misconceptions, we extracted the DNA from a strawberry using everyday household materials (dish soap, salt water, and rubbing alcohol). Strawberries are ideal for this experiment because their cells are octoploid compared to human body cells, which are diploid – strawberries have 8 copies of their chromosomes in each cell, which makes it possible to see the DNA without the use of a microscope.

During the lab, students were blown away by the appearance of the DNA – white, sticky fibers that could be removed from the test tube using a stirring rod.

Veggie Tasting

February was Wellness Month and we celebrated incorporating veggies to our lunch! Carrots vs. Corn was one of our very popular "Veggie Wars"

6th Grade Egyptian Museum

Construction Kids

Our first graders using real tools: hammers, nails and more to build amazing boats!

Order your Yearbook TODAY for lifelong memories!

Get your 2017/2018 Yearbook today! --> Price increases to $45 on April 9th! 5th and 8th graders automatically receive a yearbook.

Registration dates: Tuesday through Thursday only April 10 th through the 26 th

Tuesdays 12-4pm Wednesdays 8:30-12:30

In order to take advantage of the new features and latest security improvements brought by the Ledger firmware 1.4 , we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S. Note that this update could take up to 15mn.

we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S.

To know which firmware your Nano S runs , check it by opening the "Settings" on the Nano S itself:Settings > Device > Firmware (if your device is new, as in not configured, power it on while pressing the right button for 5 seconds. It will go in recovery mode and give you access to the dashboard, and settings)

To know which firmware your Nano S runs

Please be advised that any cryptocurrency applications you have previously installed on your Nano S will have to be re-installed following the update of your device. This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts: you’ll retrieve your balances as soon as the apps are re-installed. As a reminder, uninstalling an app does not impact your coin account, nor does it impact your seed.

This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts:

Updating the firmware of the Nano S won't wipe your seed. However, make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up and accessible.

make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up

Warning: if you have an older version of the firmware (<1.3) then your Nano S will be reset during the update, and you'll have to use your 24 words to restore your wallet after you have upgraded to 1.4.1.

In any case, if you have further questions, consult the "most frequently asked questions" article about the Nano S update .

Please follow these instructions very carefully .

very carefully

If you are having any issue during the update, please read our FAQ (bottom part) which contains troubleshooting tips.

Launch the Ledger Manager (available ) on your PC/MAC, and connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer.

If your device is new (not configured with a seed), then press the right button (the one far away from the USB connector, closer to the hole) while plug in the cable. Maintain the button pressed for 5 seconds until you see " Recovery ". Release the button, and you will go to the dashboard.

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